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PostSubject: Priest's   Thu 11 Jan 2007, 02:37

So what do you think about Priest's....Are they a thing of the Past?

Very Little Armour

Few Offensive Spell's

Light Weight Weapon's only

Has the Druid put the boot into the Priest or do you think that they have a place in the WOW of the Future?

For myself.....I really do enjoy playing a Priest....I honestly think that he has got to be 1 of the hardest character's to play, and that is why I chose this profession.

The amount of time's I have died must be in the thousand's....running away and trying to hide is a way of life....standing back and watching a Warrior/Paladin/Hunter stand toe to toe with some huge Beastie and all I can do is cast a healing spell now and again can be pretty off putting.

Would I change?....Not for a second....Bring it on....Kill me again....your sword arm will grow tired before my Love of the Priest Die's.

Any Priest's out there who want to hear my best practice in battle keep an eye on here....If you think you have a good way of fighting, Post it on here, let us other priest's in on the secret.

Alagor....Personnel friend of Death
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PostSubject: Re: Priest's   Thu 11 Jan 2007, 04:12

This is so well spoken..just beautiful!
I think everyone who read it will whish to become a priest now!

I agree that Preists doesnt have it easy..and thats why there are so little of them in the World of Azeroth..and thats why they are so respected
and everybody wants them Smile
A good helaer is better than 3 hunters together and much harder to find!
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