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 All about Macros

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PostSubject: All about Macros   Thu 11 Jan 2007, 18:03


Macros allow you to create personal and cool special commands that you can
do at the touch of a button. There are countless possibilites with macroes,
here are some basic ones.

Creating a Macro

a.. Type /macro or click on the talk button and select macro. A box will
pop up with your current macros. You should have no macros to start.
b.. Click on "New" at the bottom of that box. Another box will pop up with
a place to enter the macro name and select an icon for the macro.
c.. Name your macro. Select a name that will make sense to you when you
see it again. For example "Assist."
d.. Select an icon. Let's pick a sword.
e.. Select "Okay" - You should now see the icon you selected (sword) along
with your icon name in your current macros box (assist).
f.. Now Left-Click on the assist icon to highlight it. There is a button
there to change the name or icon for your macro if you later decide to
rename it or select a different icon.
g.. Once your assist icon is highlighted move your mouse pointer down into
the "enter macro commands" box. This is where you can type what you want the
button to do when you press it. You will need to add a "/" in front of the
command if it is a slash command just as you would enter in your text entry
h.. type "/Assist Nebu"
i.. Move your mouse pointer back over the sword icon (assist) and
left-click and hold down the button over the icon.
j.. Now, Drag the icon over to an empty slot on your action bar.
k.. To use your new macro icon, press the number associated with that
action button or right-click on the button itself.
l.. You now have a macro button that will assist another player (Nebu) in
their attack. When Nebu attacks a player or monster, press your Assist macro
button and you will automatically select the same target they are attacking.
Finishing Macros
When you are done editing or creating macros click the "x" in the top
right-hand side of the box to close the macro window.

Editing Existing Macros
Type /macro then left-click on the macro button you wish to change. You can
now make changes in the "Enter Macro Commands" box. Click the "x" to close
the macro box when you are done.

Macro Limit
There is a character limit for each macro you create. If your message is too
long, make it shorter!

Macro Suggestions
Use any slash commands

Here are other possible uses for macros:

a.. repeat text you don't want to type again

a.. repeat text for online auctions

a.. make a funny saying

a.. perform a list of commands such as:
/leave 1 /leave 2 (to leave channels 1 and 2)
/join wowtraders (joins channel wowtraders)
/g Hello everyone! (says hello to your guild chat channel)

Other Information

a.. You can use "%t" in your macro text to insert the targeted monster,
creature, player that you wish to be inserted in your sentence. For example
"/say hi %t" will say "Hi Nebu" if you have the player Nebu selected.

b.. /cast allows you to cast spells by name. Type /cast (spell subtext) -
Example: "/cast Fireball (Rank 1)". To add spell casting to a macro you can
type it manually or shift-click a spell in your spell book to add the proper
/cast line to the macro.
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PostSubject: Re: All about Macros   Thu 18 Jan 2007, 15:26

good macro:


do it in horde territory, theyll think your spending quite a bit of time afk, and think they can attack safley, then when they attack, you bite.
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All about Macros
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